Simona Fusco Stratten

Simona Fusco Stratten's name alone doesn't get instant recognition, but she's working hard on a career that might one day bring just that. To date, she holds a dozen film and television credits that run the gamut from horror movies to sex comedies to wrestling series. Simona Fusco Stratten openly admits that she likes to try different genres, a fact that makes her acting choices pretty smart in an era of easy typecasting. Some of her notable credits include guest spots on TV's Entourage and Shark, film roles in the flicks Beerfest, Chasing Ghosts and Extreme Movie, and she was a finalist on RAW Diva Search.

Simona Fusco Stratten is also a successful international model who has posed for feature spreads and has also pitched products in print advertisements. Some of her favorite ads are for cars and soft drinks, with BMW, Ferrari and Coca-Cola topping the list. She's also advertised GUESS clothing in Vogue.

Christina Ricci

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie managed to put an Oscar up on her mantle when she won Best Supporting Actress for Girl, Interrupted in 2000, which is more than most other actresses have achieved.

Unfortunately, Angelina Jolie's highly publicized antics attracted more attention than her movie roles for many years. She seemed to be more famous for having kissed her brother at the Academy Awards than for having won one. And the fact that she and Billy Bob Thornton carried around each other's blood and admitted to having wild sex every chance they had made them demigods to tabloid writers worldwide.

Controversy continued to follow Angelina Jolie in 2005 when she was accused of breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's marriage. However, since that dust has settled, the world has finally begun to see Angelina's positive side, including all the selfless humanitarian work she does around the world, not to mention the three children she adopted from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is smoking. If a career as an actress didn't pan out for her, she could have fallen back on being a model (although her 5'2" frame might have hindered her success). She's hotter than a Ferrari full of Victoria's Secret models on a blazing day in South Beach. And the hot-blooded Latin passion that pours out of her sexy skin only adds fuel to the fire. From her dark hair and mysterious eyes, to her amazing lips and curvaceous figure, Salma Hayek's exotic features can be attributed to her Lebanese and Mexican heritage.

Marissa Tomei

Marisa's 1992 My Cousin Vinny role in 1992 as Joe Pesci's street smart, foul-mouthed girlfriend certainly gained her a fair amount of notoriety, although perhaps not in the sense that she may have anticipated. The fame that ensued revolved more around claims that she was undeserving of such acclaim rather than the talented performance that actually won her the trophy. We'll extend credit to her for sustaining a career in light of this kind of attention, and acknowledge this as an accomplishment in itself. Further props to Marisa for proving her onetime critics wrong with a excellent comeback in 2001's In the Bedroom.

Rebecca Loos

This woman, in title a "personal assistant", is not particularly famous or interesting, except she appears frequently in the British tabloid press for her affairs with famous individuals. Those include David Beckham and "three household-name tennis stars", plus a club lesbian and several assorted businessmen.

When Beckham's celebrity wife Posh would not live with him in Madrid, Loos claims she served as his "alternate wife" -- she ate dinner with his family, snogged him when he needed it, and performed whatever duties one would expect from an alternate wife. To his family Loos was more wholesome -- boy were they wrong.

In late 2004, Loos appeared as a contestant on the British reality TV show "The Farm", in which a group of celebrities live on a working farm, performing a litany of chores in a Survivor-style competition. Loos stirred up a bit of controversy after a gag on 7 October 2004, in which she was shown masturbating a boar for ten minutes. After the pig was released, Loos proudly hoisted a ziploc bag containing three-quarters of a pint of semen. "My arms are aching," she proclaimed. The RSPCA was quick to condemn the act, accusing the show's producers of a "morbid and sordid fascination with farm animals."

Ava Gardner

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